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Showing 1 - 9 of 252 items

Bags and Accessories for Women


The Bags and Accessories are always indispensable and it's a part of the life of a woman because tell the character of who dress and gives personality and a look elegant, glamour or also basics. The girls calls fashion addicted passionate for the fashion they wil see indispensable to fit some accessories so as to define your lifestyle. We offer a wide range of bags, foular, hats, jewels or glasses wich every woman try to catch his objet that can't be without.

All the accessories you can find on Young Shoes including Earrings, Bracelets, Wallets to belts, bracelets, rings to give everything of a woman and give a special touch at your look.

Each detail is able togive highlights each part of the body for give a different style at your look and give some space for your fantasy and inspiration thanks to the wide range you have all the freedom to choose, an infinity of bracelets to give color to your classic white T-Shirt.


The bags is part of the personality of a woman, tells their story and their style, their way to live the life but mostly is an accessorie that you can't missing for the life of everyday, the bag can define his soul and contain in itself his emotions as well the most hided. There are various versions, the big one, those to bring with hand or to the shoulder, rigid or really soft, for the evening, for the morning or for work.


Choose between many bags for woman, your season is progress.


In each collection Autumn winter spring Summer Young Shoes offer alots of choose of trendy bags, you can focus for example to a Shopping Bag with a classic style ready to contain the necessary from the morning to the evening, an ideal model also for the city and for the office, to complete an outfit for the travel.

Instead if your style is more urban and casual, instead it will be perfect a bag like the style as the daypack like the Fornarina, a model really trendy that come back to be fashion, from the version of bags more glamour and actual that can exist. To chose the black skin bags for a version more formal, or like canvas to show off also a look more trendy.


From Young Shoes you can pick alots type of collection Autumn / Winter, Spring / Summer,  and a wide selection of fashion Bags or also a Shopping Bag with a classic style that can accompany also the day and the evening, or also a model for office to complete your wardrobe.