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Men Accessories

The men accessories, really loved to every single man, from the casual style, sporting or elegant: everytime present in men's fashion, there is a simple evolution and they have changed during the centuries: accessories that before was indispensable now you we never find: like the loved skin tobacco leads and other accessories lost from the common immagination. Rest always cool, indeed are really much loved, the bags, belts and scarves. Years ago indeed the man was using large pockets of pants for put the necessary: from the wallet to the keys. In this way is unavoidable to have bulging pockets and disproportionate. Today the man that take care the fashion and he can't bring with himself a shoulder bag for store the essential.

In fact also the needs are changed: from simple wallets, the phone, documents, tablet etc: Things that a modern man can't be without.

The shoulder bags can be for sport in soft fabric or like skin, elegant, classic or in material sought that do a man, a classic man that loves the quality over the style. Generally closed with a zip or completing with a front flap, with more pockets like internal tools, this bags are a really usefull for a dynamic man that is everytime in rush, or also for classic man that needs to bring his documents or also with a impeccable. Other element indispensable for the man is for sure the wallet. The wallet for man receiving alot of variations in years. Years ago was realized in skin was too much, too big for contain the money times ago but the dimensions are bulky until today. Over the money, the wallet containing other kind of documents, coins etc..

Now the man wallets mostly for the young is minimal: contain principaly a bancomat, a credit card and documents; comparing to before the dimensions are reduced and also the wallets are more small for adapt to the modern times.

Also his quality is not a joke: the wallets of quality is always of skin made by hand  according to the artisan. the man belts, thing that we have already see it for all the man accessories born like an essential element and useful in the dressing and evolving over the years, becomes now accessorie of course useful, but also esthetically fashion, trendy, indicate almost a status that is defined as well thanks to the quality of the belt. The most loved mostly from the youngs are the top brand's beld. The most famous brand in fact realizing accessories wich also belts for man signed in different style: from soport belts to the most elegant made by hand in skin.