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    Woman Amphibian Online on Young Shoes

    The style that never lose ground, that you can  combine with different dress or accessories that gives irresistible and original!You can combin with a gilet over, an heavy clothes, to dress tight on the waist and a romantic longuette, like tulle or skin, lace...

    The amphibians in the army is part of necessity, in the equipment of soldier and permit a correct walking in any kind of surface, ground, in order to prevent the risk to damage the soldiers, allowing to movein difficult ground, because present a sole like a tank and have some bearings breathing traspirant that allowing to the foot the comfort without sweat. Usually alots of times the amphibian present a fabric reinforced and like this prevent the risk of damage or strain.

    Today with the same principe the amphibian in the army is using as well for woman production, always more actual and fashion, a particular like the boots with a sole like a tank, with a material like stain and a dark color, waterproof and comfortable, permitting to walk on ground really wet or in the water without the problem the foot risk to dry.

    For the women that loves to dress in the way casual, Young Shoes offer different kind of Amphibian and for sure versatile on many outfit dressing anything, useful for the autumn / winter for feeling comfortable and fashion. Different kind of Brands are inspired on this kind of shoe that is always a good taste ensuring the best of quality, this becaus Young Shoes Salerno provides just Brands that creates Shoes with materials with nice quality like: Skin, Chamois, Nubuck.


    The season trends: Studded, Printed or Classics

    The success of the amphibian it was focusing on nineties, but in this season it confirm a must to have also on catwalk and many woman that loves the fashion using for walking on the street. Comfortable especially in cold days, combined on elegant dressing, gives the dressing really original. Some women prefer high on the knee to combine on mini-dress, skirts or leggings. Others with a look like a biker really aggressive. Many more with different colors and fantasies.

    The amphibian gives to think the noises of the sole thet impacts over the asphalt, with a running rythmic like an army, it's a sound that let it wince the soul. The identity of an army boot today is trasforming in fact an  accessorie fashion and original.

    The woman amphibian can combine on many fashion outfit, also on models like black or in some different fantasies. You can fit also on a dress in mini-dress. The amphibian can be more high on the ankle, in printed skin or not, perfect to combine under the fur jacket!

    On Young Shoes you can finde all the amphibian that you need!