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    Ballerina Shoes, Online on Young Shoes

    The ballerina shoes are really comfortable and extremely elegant, using everytime for dancing, the most fitting shoes for the women, shoes very elegant and refined. Are shoes oriented to the feminin generetion and not, for women that find the comfort but at the same time fashion, the right shoe to be using in different occasion and for all the seasons.

    This shoes are very famous thanks to the icons like Brigitte Bardot that wearing a pair of ballerinas red fire on film Et dieu Crèa La Femme, the ballerinas are produced in different models from alots brand, embellished with flakes, contrasted edging, with jewel and flower. buckles so are shoes suitable for daily using, there are alternative also for evening with heels, Soft Shoes and foldable coddle your foot and you can using as you like.

    Check it out our store Young Shoes, alots of models of ballerinas shoes and you will be inspired on alots outfit that you have on your wardrobe.

    The versatility of this models is so varied, because presenti a look like 50's with classic dressing for dancing but as well in the way contemporary, combining with a jeans, a crop top. For example ballerinas in skin, painted or like satin can play around your fantasy with a look grinty. But never forget that are as well romantic shoes there are also delicate models.

    Choose one or more ballerinas on our store Young Shoes Salerno and you will be for sure satisfied as well for the comfort and elegance of displaied models.


    There are two things that you never have enough. Good friends and good shoes.
    (Sarah Jessica Parker, as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City)


    Sometimes happen to wearing clothes or objects with incredible story but as much unknown by alot of us.

    The ballerine, inspired by dancing shoes, famous in 50's thanks to film dive like Brigitte Bardot, who wearing a model created by Repetto on film "E dio creò la donna", it becomes on last years the shoes most loved by the women, ensuring comfort without losing the style.

    The shoes for feminin universe rapresenting not just simple accessories but the way to be.

    The ballerinas are wear it by alot Vip, how to forget the ballerinas Rockstud by Valentino weared by Jennifero Lopez, the ballerinas silver pointed by Jessica Alba and Jaime King?

    The prejudice is exceeded also by big stars.

    For who searching elegant shoes for woman there is style certainties, those painted there are undoubtedly themes more recurrent, and for who loves the mini stature? No problem!

    From Youngshoes you find a wide range and for who confirm the tall is half beauty can buy this wonderful shoes:

    The ballerinas are a kind of  shoes very low and adapting to different style, from the most elegant to the ones of all days.

    Also Jacqielin Kennedy was crazy for this footwear, so much to pack new each month.

    The model of classic ballerina is the model with the point lightly round but lately the point is very fashion.

    The choise of ballerinas it depens of seasons, in fact in the summer is really suitable a opened ballerina on the point and a fabric really light and traspirant with vibrant color, in the period autumn-winter is better toprefer a closed ballerina maybe in skin with dark colors.

    It's better who have a number of foot too high to prefer the end of the tip closed because get longer the foot with a form more round instead can hiding all.

    This kind of shoes are really customized, flakes, drawings and studs  can be applied for beautify.

    Did you want to complete your outfit?

    From Young Shoes you can buy also at your home the ONLINE shoes that reflect better your personality. The website is absorbed by the best brands and you can find the best choise for you!