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    Online Shoes Woman Espradillas

    The "espradillas" were made in the pirenei, this shoes are very traditional, in addiction with lace bounded around the foot and the ankle in this way to have more stability in case of climbing or rough terrain. During years, something is change, the espradillas from Basque country are becomes fashion in the united states starting from 40'. After years as all the fashion style had some different restyling, they are come back famous but disappeared and so on.

    Today the espradillas are launched and redesigned from the most important fashion houses, thanks their clean form, versatile, with a smooth point and simple to put in or out.

    The Espradillas have the particularity to be realized by simple and natural materials like the rope, hemp, canvas etc. Their style recalls esotic landscapes and immediatly we can remember the sea, the beach, hammocks on distant island. But the espradillas luckily were not limited just esotic place, but comes from there. In fact mostly in last year start to be popular in different versions, not just in canvas, but skin, faux leather, and realized also in trasparent lace super sexy and also traspirant, that never ruin because is a footwear that is used and appreciated in particular way in the summer or in half seasons. When we think a this kind of shoes, we can't remember the 80's and the most important telefilm and followed like Miami Vice that the espradillas was the founder, but also the most recent start of our millennium. The classic version of espradillas are realized by natural material with low heel. But like always it is part of a classic line for variating and becomes the espradillas the most suitable for the woman, every style and every taste.

    For example we can find the espradillas with high heel, the espradillas with laces or the espradillas opened on the front.

    Giving the formidable and versatile features can match to alots outfit starting to fresh dressing like linen, cotton, silk with an espradillas in canvas or bright rope that match perfectly to the style Mediterranean dressing. But others combinations can be made with skirts jeans or also mini skirts or trousers like Capri Style. Many models on our website, order and you will receive at your home in 24/48 hours.