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    Wingtip Woman Shoes: online on our Store

    Alot wingtips aprecciated also from young woman that wants to show off a particular look, and also this kind of footwear with an heel. Times ago it was shoes oxfords for man, a model oxfords, and now this pretty shoe from the closed upper and accolade gives an aspect more tapered for an aspect really sexy that for sure doesn't go unnoticed. The classic version is an high heel, in skin and with thin lace really close, but this model it's been appreciated to change in alot kind of variations, for example solid color, bicolor o with really high heel or just some centimeter, with a plateau, with cloth inserts, in pastel tones, with round tip or sharp or colored with more daring shapes. This model is connected to an imaginary world of powdered faces and crinolines, worthy of the Queen of France.

    The francesine shoes for woman you can combine to a casual outfit, or semi-formal, in fact this kind of shoe are comfortable and gives self-confidence also in enviroment where you want to be beautiful for an elegant dressing wearing a classic model.


    A wheel skirt is a way to be cute but also for a chic to combine to this kind of footwear wingtip also for appreciate basic effect you can add a footwear. Jeans for a look casual and relaxed, t-shirt, tunic with a fantasy that makes this model versatile and all for not forget to show what mother nature.

    A pair of straight pants but not so tight. Match your feminin dress to a tight waist and a wide skirt, for a dinner outside gives you a sensual effect and sexy for you.


    On Young Shoes Salerno you can find a model for gives you unforgotten days. Click on your favourite model and your wingtip.

    Models and colors of wingtip

    With a medium heel, high, without heel or to combine to pants, clothes and skirts!

    The flat wingtip, becomes a point model fo any collection of shoe that you can find online on our stor online, the wingtip are models considered chic that have recent season also in spring interpretations as well very particular from the griffe of top fashion.

    Wich outfit can be valorized in this models and wich are not adviced? But wich are the right clothes for the flat wingtip? Ok you are in the right place, Young Shoes with his collection helps you to choose the model fit for you.

    The flat wingtip are everytime the protagonists of the last collections, spring summer and autumn winter of shoe, in fact you need to check it out the last propose Nero Giardini on our Store Online. This kind of shoe are born within the male fashion, but in the last time, it's becmes in the last models very chic for the woman, you can find solid color, wingtip bicolor, wingtip in pastel tones.