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    Wedges Shoes Online

    In the last years combined to different visit, in all the colors and materials, but the wedges, the shoe raised to a thick sole that substitute the heel, have a story really old when much as we can.

    It was used by high wedges already in the old greece from actor of theater that needs to be more high and visible, it was considered a bit graceful and so hide a long dress.

    But it was dress by courtesans, that times ago wants to surrender more slender, and acctractive and sensual.

    But the golden time when the wedges come back to all his power and visibility are in 70' year when the music disco and the glam rock, where the pants like paw elephant and the colors becomes his friend indispensable. This wedges really high, realized in most matching and materials, it was used to the woman and men as well, just thinking to Elton John, David Bowie and John Travolta that he wore  on film "Night's fever".

    Woman shoes, the wedges are seductive and comfortable, available on our store Young Shoes!

    The wedges are a must of fashion that surprising, is a valid alternative to heels that helps you to slender the silhouette walkin in comfortable way, making the walk sexy. Any kind of shoe can be realized with a internal wedge high heel, shoes online seductive instroducing forms and colors that giving a result creative and unique adding comfort and dinamicity.

    This shoes are super sensual when are weared  by skirts, donating a feminility wanted, vintage.

    On young Shoes you can find a rich catalouge that satisfy your tast to fit with your style, this soes are nice in the summer opened and weared everytime!

    The stylist of various brand make form to an infinity coise for the feminin universe, check the famous wedges of Salvatore Ferragamo, in fact the wedges that you love more and you will be for sure satisfied.