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    Loafers Shoes for men Online

    Considered old shoes, but it's not true, thanks to many evolutions this shoe had many changes and now combined to thousand looks gives a style really interesting.

    The loafers you can define a shoe born with the philosophy to be comfortable at the foot, versatile to slip on or slip off, born like a shoe to wear with elegant pants, usually with dark colors, black, brown, blue or grey. The loafers amaze with his vibrant colors, from intense blue, to yellow, red, or green but also white that gives a fresh foot in the summer. Instead for who loves to go in boat can combine with a bermuda so as to give a retrò style. But also the loafers and the polo, are always a binomial indissoluble: can be for the simplicity of lines or also because gives an "American Soul", or for the comfort and versatile together.

    Combined with a Bermuda and a pole, are also the footwear par excellence of those who love sailing, an effect and a seventies style and retro. Moreover, the moccasin and the polo, have always been an indissoluble connection: it will be for the simplicity of the lines of both the Pole who do so much 'Animo storty American", or for the comfort and versatility of both.

    The materials for excellence in which are formed the moccasins are calf skin brushed or chamois, but for more young people can also be used synthetic materials for a revisitation in a modern key. The moccasins are also used, as well as vacation and leisure for the office and the job. You know, man more sexy and chic is not always man palestrato with clothing at the last cry, but most of the times, man more intriguing is the mature man and secure if a security that is also reflected in the way we look and the way of dressing.

    A classical clothes revisited with panatoli of classics and a jacket often, with a soft moccasin, make man very charming in its simplicity. Shoes from old? I would not say precisely, discover the thousand faces of moccasins man!

    The man sexy is not just the the body builder, but also a man intrigant and mature can do the difference, and this shoe prove it, especially this shoe are made with siynthetic materials that gives a style even more modern. This shoe is still very modern, come to try on our store!