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    Woman Leggings online on Young Shoes

    Used by the soldiers in the antiquity, In fact were very comfortable garments to be used during the battles below the cold armor: served to keep the hot legs and repaired and therefore not directly in contact with the metal.

    The leggings is a kind o dress for women that his particularity is that can be adherent, introducing the first time from Pucci where this kind of dress will call fuseaux "melted" and get dressed for the first time from Audrey Hepburn in the film Sabrina and Cenerentola a parigi. Over time this kind of dress suffers many evolutions, just in the 70' born with name of Leggings like we know today. Now it's the most knwon and fashion dress, very used from young girls.

    The leggings is a real succes, to combine with a lot of dress. So born fashion to dress with long shirts or high boots.

    From there, after all the house of production and many designer they have insered in new collections, varying the decoration,  solid color, lines or flowers, black and white, animalier spotted or zebra, liquid in latex adherent, glitter with pailettes or color fluo. But why this are so loved? Cause they are a perfect cros between comfort and style. Comfort because are realized in tissue elasticated and so faciliting the movements without taking up space.