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    The skirt is a dress that in antiquity doesn't exist, in fact it wasn't permit to uncover the legs more for a question of decency, over 3000 years!, it begin to uncover the legs from the second world war, centimeter after centimeter to save clothes, adapting to the existing materials. But anyway this kind of dress is the most simple, from the most simple to the most particular with original form sewn, basting, folds, ornaments. Actually the skirt is very used for the women, Dior revolutionized in the 1945 creating a set constituited with a skirt really wide, corolla and pleated, very simalar to a flower, for stand all the form of a woman.


    The skirt is a dress really modern, in fact was born in 60' when the woman they fought against comformity for their rights, and here comes the skirt!


    This woman dress can be vulgar because can cover just some part of the body. Actually is an essential dress, ideal for every moment: skirt professional or longuet for office, long skirt for ceremony, or the unmissable mini-skirt for glamour evenings in disco for an evening to enjoy. The hippy prefer skirt with lines not too much geometric but rather soft or decorated with ruffles and fringes, wear by african people, Indian and Mexican. The skirt can be used in all the season, when is cold in winter there are skirts in velvet, very warm to protect the legs from the cold, allowing of not having pants and wet legs, instead for the summer is better a typology of skirt with light cloth.

    In short, the world of skirt is really endless, coose your model on our website combined with shoes and accessories.