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    Women Clothes on our Shop Online

    The top of the woman clothes, different models where every woman can show off their femininity.

    The clothes for woman can't missing in the feminine world, with outfits always ready for many adventures. The woman starts to wear since the preistory crossing various ages and changing completely his look, has had a transormation that the clothes changing and becomes always more complex but at the same time simple without losing the sensual side and comfortable that every woman looking to feel beautiful, the clothes for woman can't missing in the wardrobe of the woman, where each occasion can show off all the beauty, in importante ceremony, in all the aperitive or in a party.

    Centuries ago, the woman wearing with eccentric clothes, made by whalebone maked from architects instead the tailors, where the skirt was swells and the waist always more thin.

    During the years, the clothes changing a lot, if before it was clothes for noble, followed opulent lines, because of prohibition,  the clothes for woman received a sudden change compared to the past. Because the money were used in different way: like feed themself. And then we see the woman start to simplify the way to dress, with clothes get shorter more and more, becomes a knee longuette, to fit with silk stockings with visible stichings on the back. Or when get shorter we see clothes like hourglass with large shoulders, very thin waist and wide hips: typical form of the woman of 50'.

    Instead when we think a clothes the mind go unavoidably in 60's, wich the clothes becomes sexy and really short to wear with vertiginous wedges.

    Inventor of the skirts so in vogue, Mary Quant revolutionized the history of the fashion for evere. The short clothes in fact are for sure more loved and request to the women, also if the last years the long clothes starts to come back fashion. To predominate the short model, loved from teenager and women in career. The little black dress like Audrey Hepburn that we have always see like index of elegance, it's always a must of refinement that every woman have at least some in the wardrobe to wear not just for important occasion, but also in an aperitif wich we need to be at the top to spotlight not for the transgression, but for the simplicity, because the beauty is simple, not an artifact. Choose on our website a lovely classic sheath dress, or a fresh and colored Desigual dress. Create and mix your style with our products, clothes, shoes and accessories.