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    Sea Bags Antica sartoria Positano online!

    True craftsmen embroidery and pictorial representations on their original creations.

    When comes the summer, everyone needs to go to lie on the beach, already the famous 60' the hippy fashion it was very popular and very interesting it was the phenomenon "Moda Positano", this splendid sea bag is ancient, at that time they felt a bit disoriented, it went on the boat or on the beach, the shops was very crafts and it was a strong request to something handmade. And then we see born "Moda Positano", nice idea for the Positanos. Crafts very successful that cutting up foulard, towels, linen or cotton, fine sheets embroidered by hand, and old doilies of crochet, with elegant evening clothes.

    This fashion becoming popular a lot, it already came appreciated at that time, it is know that something doing by hand have a added value, the crafts were improvised but all made with high quality materials, in this contest we see born also the "bottega di Giacomo cinque" that we can see all the inspiration and the love for the embroidery and the art, even now creating clothes eccentric and nice.

    Positano's fashion born with standard colors

    As we can see, the white, the beige, sand ant starts to modernize and reinventing by years: now the fashion of Positano di Giacomo Cinque looking for some texture and color like: the red, the fuchsia, the yellow and many more floreal patterns and innovative applications. This colors we can see principally on bags that Young Shoes choose for you, on our website you will find nice sea bag with bright colors and floreal that we can bring with us all we need on the beach. Choose on our website the sea bag that you prefer combined to suits and caftans Made in Italy, very quickly will be at your home.

    Many products waiting for you, like sandals and more shoes for example O-joo available on our store online!