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    Y Not women's handbags for sale online

    Sophistication, style, innovation: the three cornerstones of the company Gioshi, born in 2003 after a long family tradition started in Milan in the 1950s. The products and women's handbags y not, using a mix of traditional materials and modern and have evolved over time while preserving the craftsmanship and with it the care for the quality. The attention is always focused on the changes and trends with the goal of creating a product that is representative of our society.

    Bags and Accessories aimed at a woman elegant, refined and aggressive at the same time wants to exit from the diagrams and standards to be sought and innovative.

    Ynot?" is not only a brand, but also a way of being. Can come from the dynamic contrast and balanced between the modern design and traditional, without any injury.The different lines are inspired by this principle by offering a wide range of issues with which to be able to mix your own message. This is because often, in the face of the many charges and questions that we are asked, the best message to give is simply "Y not?". The Line Yes Bag: innovative line and peculiar in which is expressed the maximum creativity using photographic images and collages.

    The images are of very romantic photomontages from French recall that are created by selecting and mixing symbolic elements that represent all aspects multi-facetted of the world "YNot?". To a pair that you kisses watching the Colosseum or the Eiffel Tower in the distance; the dynamic energy of a dance; the magic of some symbols associated with iconic cities such as Paris, London, Rome and New York. The capital of culture, fashion and life with their symbolic places immutable and at the same time in continuous evolution. Many, many shopper y not for all tastes.

    Y NOT? BRAND expression of freedom and creativity. The BAGS MOST BEAUTIFUL TO LOOK

    Extraordinarily state-of-the-art bags tell the style of a woman and not lie on his personality because they are the very expression of his being. Whatever the shape and size, fellowships announce before all else the character of a woman, so they are an inseparable accessory as the personality that manifests without saying a word. The brand Y Not? Fits into this context of words plunging perfectly in its meaning: Y Not?

    It is the expression of freedom and the message that only communicates with its creativity. For this reason every bag of brand manifests a thought through images, a message from Intuit for those who watch but who knows well the wearer.

    Choose among the many handbags Y Not? Choose your favorite bag

    Choose your bag versatile, classic style but always ready to contain everything you need to stay outside even throughout the day, or a clutch from day to night, perfect for enhancing the value of a narrow tube or a dress even more chic, or still a backpack for the city and the office. With Y Not? Find certainly the right bag for every look, both in urban style and casual is refined, and you can choose among the many materials and prints that inspires you most. With Y Not? Sfoggerai always unique and exclusive style, unmistakable and desired, always in line with the fashion trends without confusion with the ground. Among the numerous models to choose the preferred one is not difficult, facts advise from the heart and reinvents your look, you won't be disappointed!

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    Bags to be themselves: "Ynot?"not only a brand, but a life style

    Was born in 2003, the company Gioshi boasts a long family tradition that has seen its beginnings in Milan in the 1950s. The products of the brand YNot? Have evolved over time without losing the style and the craftsmanship that distinguishes it from the always increasing indeed the attention for the quality and attention to detail. Always capable of capturing the trends and to cast a glance attentive to changes with the aim of giving life to a product capable of interpreting styles and creativity, "Ynot?" can be defined as a reason a real way of being.

    The significance of the mark, which at the same time is a question and answer, expresses fully the concept of the freedom of the individual and complete creativity. The brand is a product very loved by modern women and dynamic and fellowships YNot? Are truly amazing, beautiful to Wear and flaunt, ideal for feel realized. The most loved from female audience for their prints romantic and street pop, the bags of this brand bear a note of creativity and color in everyday life and with their design enhance any look. Made with a mix between skin and printed materials of different themes and colors, are of high quality and do not pass certainly unnoticed.

    Fabulous line of bags Yes Bags istant, that proposes snapshots romantic or moved as background for unsurpassed creations. Templates become even more elegant thanks to their profiles in totalblack skin. Beautiful bags Flower Kiss, who as protagonists of a pair of lovers, li themselves that we find Snowy Flirt immortalized in front of one of the panoramas more romantic, the Eiffel Tower. Spectacular also prints of the Big Apple in the shopping bag, in carriers and purses Urban Times, while for the passionate style London here are the great templates London Bridge.

    And for the lovers of great dive, behold the line Dive Art, where spectacular shopping bag, carriers and pochette tracolline with a chain have as protagonists the dive of the past! Eco then the charm and the everlasting style of Sofia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and the mythical Twiggy, that are reliving on these models by creating styles who and elegant. Beautiful profiles and part of the Frontal image created with matching colors, among which inserts in black, dark green, red and blue Indigo. The line of bags Mappy plays instead in a wholly original manner the maps of the main European capitals that are used as background for the dive icons that represent them: for example, Sofia Loren for Rome, Marilyn Monroe for NY, Twiggy for London and Brigitte Bardot for Paris. Attractions and exclusive, fellowships Y Not? Thus become true artistic masterpieces that use images of characters and famous cities from lead in walking and in turn to the world some wear something truly extraordinary!