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    Woman Bag Valentino on sale online

    The elegance, class all Made in Italy with Women Bags, very loved with an unmistakable style for woman. Pure you can meet and give to life the collection of Valentino, romantic, elegant, to give to live the collection Valentino. Permeated with a touch eleganjt and refined.

    The soft tone realized in leather in contrast with a romantic move, vantgard, very feminine with a refined style, Mario Valentino offer a charm innate with an amazing collection. A vintage touch, that reflect a romantic moment in contrast with the leather. Mario Valentino Spa is founded in 1952 by Mario Valentino Spa that producing footwear and accessories for every woman.

    Valentino is shop that packs in Naples, wonderful shoes: light, elegant, very requested. The fashion of Mario Valentino is remember by the legendary creator of loafers for woman.

    Mario Valentino is known to make a coral sandal, very fashion and still exposed today by the Swiss museum.

    This "Jewel" is very famous from the cover of Vogue, the prestigious company of New York that distribuite the shoes in USA. The founder of Mario Valentino have a big passion of fashion. On 1956 build the factory of Naples. In 70's and 80's the top model like Veruska and Naomi Campbell have success like the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.

    Mario Valentino had received numerous award, by the most important characters of Italian Republic like Rondald Regan. The collection of sneakers Mario Valentino that opt with a mood joyful. Very delicate an adding value typical of brand, with catchy and bright, inspired by "tableau vivean" a symbol of free woman in contact with the nature and the culture. Order the bags Valentino on our store, it will be at your home in 24/48 hours!

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