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Begins in 1952, shortly before the revolution of the bikini which swept away the coasts of the Mediterranean. For "vacanze italiane" style and elegance also in the beach is an essential point.

Their creations are the perfect synthesis of stylistic experience and intuition in design. These are the trump cards, in addition to the creative intuition of the genial mind of the style office who now for over 60 years, has worked to give the best to its customers by reinterpreting the trends of the moment and placing at the center of the design the needs and desires of the people. With passion and determination we nurture constantly our growth and tackle the challenges of the market, striving in doing what we do best: donate emotions to the wearer of our heads.

The seventies' are a decade rich in events and profound changes, the years of the long awaited cultural revolution that will deeply mark the company and therefore the fashion. Swimsuits integers, sgambatissimi, from the neckline dizzying: these are the innovative costumes years 70. AFS International avails itself immediately this new fashion by anticipating the times: in the years 80' the sophistication of Italian design, goes to meet the nascent fashion colorful and rich of new fabrics such as jeans and lurex, makes the creations "Vacanze Italiane" increasingly innovative: these are the years in which the Made in Italy knows a real boom, consolidating the marriage between Italy and fashion.

The young line, feminine and trendy which over the years has been worn by testimonial of excellence which Youma Diakite, Aída Yéspica and Belen Rodriguez.

Since then the adventure is renewed every year with the launch of a new collection. The AFS International was born as a family company. Over the years the family has grown and with it also the working team: life new and enthusiasts projects. "Vacanze Italiane" is today a stated and famously known brand of swimwear luxury, which expresses the style more cool and sensual fashion sea.

The mission of the brand is to highlight and emphasize the female bodies with the most varied models of bikini, swimsuits monokini and designed to fit perfectly to every body woman, hiding the defects and emphasize the strengths. In its customs, fully expresses in a careful selection of quality materials and cuts, the basic concept of the : a swimsuit luxury with a sensual allure.

A collection ultrafashion with intriguing details and precious accessories. On our site you will find not only a wide choice of costumes but also many accessories you can match, Sandals, flip flops, caftani and much more, choose now your look today, in 48 hours at your home!

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