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    Solosole costumes Online signed

    The craftsmanship entirely Made in Italy and the care for details are unique to each individual clothes.

    Glamour, creativity and quality are the characteristics that distinguish the products Naga Beach, important company specialized in creating swimwear fashion. Born in 1992 in Gragnano, in Campania, from an idea of the Brothers Tape: Gaetano and Augustine; it identifies in a project that improved in the course of 22 years, has achieved fame and success in the area, offering unique items and exclusive, completely worked by expert Italian artisan, attentive to details and quality, and embellished by the application of Swarovski crystals.

    The Solosole brand is so loved by all the women as is a trademark all italian that produces swimwear fashionable and trendy, and boasts a high quality of raw materials and a great fit thanks to the use of contents of fashion always up to date and in line with the high expectations of consumers.

    The clothes are inspired and dedicated to a woman brilliant with a young taste but at the same time elegant and refined, that search in swimsuit the perfect balance between quality, style and high fashion.

    A fundamental characteristic of the reference target is the attention to the image that you buy and the values it expresses and represents the best compromise between quality and price.

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    The highest Italian craftsmanship, blends with the quality of the Swarovski crystals applied on some of the many models made you only have to choose the head more suitable to your look!

    Sports, sensual or trendy? Choose your model and pair Magic Mouse to an ethnic caftano that you find on our site combined with a colorful sea bag and sandals Positano fashion. The attention to every single detail, the perfection of the embroideries and the decorations with the special stones used make the heads Solosole unique and precious. Without forgetting, then, that a costume Solosole is yes synonymous of high quality. The tendency evolves with the lives of women and Gaetano tape is inspired and takes its cue from precisely this: the dynamic life of women that are multistasking and they are able to do a lot of things at the same time! That is why Youn Shoes ti eases the life and gives you the opportunity to buy online from the comfort of your home, for you who are always submerged by commitments and want to indulge in shopping from the comfort of your home. Order now, in 24/ 48 the Solosole costume that you have choosen will arrive at your home!