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    The class is not water, especially in the world of fashion. Regina Schrecker was since the young attracted from the world of fashion, in fact already from small debuted as top model, and begins to slide on the catwalks of the greatest designers of Rome, Florence and Paris. Regina Schrecker has ideas special and innovative, nate also from its cosmopolitan culture and international: not only a model ethereal and beautiful but a designer who anticipates the times, an artist who discovers pian plan that his passion is not limited to withdraw, but to make you stress sketches of particular models and innovative that every woman loves and appreciates.

    Its beauty, as well as the skill does not go unnoticed, is in fact elected "Miss Universe"

    But she already has clear ideas: to continue studying the shapes, colors, fashion and styles to be able to become a fashion designer important and famous, highlighting the natural beauty of every woman, respecting differences for each and in the same manner while respecting the merits and defects, Queen thus passes from the limelight to debut as free-lace fashion designers. Her fashion is launched in the eighties and creates one of the claws of the most successful in Italy becoming one of the most promising of the fashion of the moment.

    To Regina Schrecker is a style maverick and ultramodern but who also knows how to be rich in suggestions related to ancient traditions, a fashion at the forefront and always refined.

    Regina Schrecker travels throughout the world, between New York where he meets and it often collaborates with the famous Andy Warhol, enriching and expanding increasingly his cultural baggage and always transmitting more his travels in its collections. Andy Warhol also dedicates of portraits that become the icon of Schrecker claws.

    As we have seen transmits the memories and experiences of his travels in his designs and collections, and likewise draws and transmits the Italian fashion and the port in the eastern countries such as Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic but also in the main Asian countries, making known all over the world fashion and style Made in Italy. In the course of the decades has valued increasingly italian fashion even through the creation of accessories. Our site young shoes Salerno presents models of jewel handbags signed Regina Schrecker already chosen and selected for you, collections of accessories for the woman who loves the femininity without necessarily want to renounce the comfort. If you want advice on outfit and matching contact us and we will respond in real time, on our site you can find in combination shoes, dresses and accessories in 24/48 working hours to your home.

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