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    The artisan learning together with the elegance of the woman. Women know that the accessory for excellence to match with the dress, are not the bags, are not the jewels, nor sunglasses, but are the shoes! Today we have the possibility for luck to choose between hundreds if not thousands of models, colors. Certainly, there are different types to suit your needs: gym shoes for sport, low for commitments newspapers, a dancer for leisure and shopping with friends. But for the important appointment, what aspects for a very long time, with your him or better yet, so fashionable, appointment in the dark… in these cases what to choose? All women are this question but already know the answer! The neckline! The feminine shoe par excellence!

    Image however that he will ask to take a long walk on the course of your city, or on the seafront perhaps, where there are all the more places in

    Women know as too often it is difficult to reconcile the beauty and comfort. The neckline for example are beautiful and sexy but as is tiresome when we walk for a long time, it can be really a torture, we run the risk of not being able to walk in a natural way, and be perhaps goffe on shoes on which we feel ill at ease. But some shoes instead are geared to these occurrences: Footwear Matilda for example, if you find yourself in the above description, are appropriate for you. Because you have to renounce your femininity or to comfort and agility?

    With footwear Matilda you must not sacrifice it one the other thing

    The Shoes Matilda in fact are the footwear more feminine and comfortable at the same time that exist. The materials chosen are always first quality: leather, leather, rubber. The heels are always the vertiginous, how they should be, but often are wide and comfortable with the heel cup in comfortable rubber that cushions the walk as well as in padded fabric under the heel, in this way when we walk quickly also is not a problem and will not feel no discomfort. The heel largo also allows greater stability even on soils wrecked in such a way as to enable us to walk at our ease.

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