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    Bio Natural online shoes

    A true innovation of Bio Natural are the materials

    Bio natural is an Italian company that produce shoes of top quality with the style of Made in Italy. This sandals are made respecting the nature and the traditions handcraft, the material used are biodegradable it means produce an high quality shoe but the feet always touching natural materials that hug your foot.

    The skin used are very accurated and the skin have antiallergic materials keeping all the quality and design of Made in Italy create this splendid and comfortable product that everybody loves to wear. Certainly you can't be without this shoes, very natural for the respect of the naturewith all the knowledge of a quality product and handcraft.

    Bio natural is the tradition and innovation, thinking a lot the respect for the people and the enviroment, is the future

    There are many models of sandals an also the colors, the insoles are anatomics for the comfort adapting to the perfection the foot. The sandals with wedges in nabuk, insole in rubber antislip in this way you can walk better more stable in any surface. Most of sandals are realized with soft tapes that wrap your foot with an adjustable buckle, like this you can walk really far without any problem, because this shoes are really comfortable and agile

    The color used are really nice, there is a wide range of colors used, from color like skin or leather, brown or black, to bright colors like red coral, blue cobalt, yellow, etc... with bright texture, summer colors that gives the desire to be in holiday! The freedom to beath and to move in comfort in natural way, just on our website will be very quickly at your home.

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