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    Fruit of wise artisans with the purpose of producing shoes unique and first quality

    The trademark "Bueno" is produced in Turkey since the distant 1950 and was born as a small workshop for processing leather and leather, and today is a great company that distributes top quality shoes in over 30 countries in the world.

    Part as an artisan product that was born in a small workshop

    That works hide so wise, a job handed down from generations that gradually changes from year to year evolves and improves while maintaining its craftsmanship. The shoes are of good quality and are distinguished by the uppers and linings in genuine leather, but especially for a machining which ensures an optimum comfort for the wearer.

    It is in fact a shoe suitable for all ages thanks to a wide and varied collection

    Which encloses the shoe fashion to that sports. Bueno shoes has created a style all staff and particular that has had plenty of success in Asia, Europe, and was exported in well 27 countries throughout the world: in Russia are particularly appreciated for their quality and craftsmanship. The mission of this company is to export shoes with an excellent price-quality ratio handmade by craftsmen Turks, all over the world, continuing to grow more and more as a company index of quality and style.

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