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    Geox, shoes for you, from Sport or Casual, for men and women Online Discover our collection of shoes

    The technology is the first choice of this brand, in fact technology and comfort we can think just one of the most important brand that is Geox, that produce shoes of high quality for the comfort and quality. Geox is an italian company, born in 1995 from a entrepreneur Mario Polegato, producing principally shoes, and expand on the market gaining a lot of success. The word Geox derive from "land" that the brand clearly suggests the concept of this company: the love for the nature and the relation from this and the sport. Geox is the first company in Italy, and the second on the world, thanks to the clothes and shoes casual/sport. The Geox shoes are the first to have the patent that ensure a transpiration that gives the shoes alawys dry and comfortable and maintain the foot always dry for men and ladies.

    Fashion and Transpirant, the collections of catalogue Geox

    Geox love the nature, and you can notice from the choice of the materials. Thanks for the trust of customers, now Geox shoes doesn't produce just sneakers monoform and monodesign, but now Geox producing always new models, innovative and the most loved, that improve the life of women , men and childrens, through the technology that assure a shoe always dry and your skin always breathe, that in italian it means "Respira".

    On Young Shoes you can find many models, from sneakers to different models elegant, like the boots or bags that you can match. Choose your best outfit thanks to the new collection Fall Winter or come to visit us on our shop in Salerno, we will be always available for you!

    What you need on your wardrobe?, for sure the simplicity of a casual outfit, but everybody knows that the women and men doesn't know what wearing. The most used outfit is a simple jeans and a shirt, but we know that every woman, take care about the body, go to a gym and she need something to improve herself. The brand Geox over to be always on top for your session of training, can produce an high quality of shoes, always fashion and transpirant.

    New collection always transpirat, discover the new collection on our store

    Geox is the leader on the world of footwear for ladies and men, that shoes assure the best comfort without renounce the style. At the same time Geox offer an innovative technology transpirant, with micropores on the sole, able to maintain the foot always fresh and dry all day. Trendy shoes and fashion as well, for all the taste, for man, woman or childre. Discover our collection Spring Summer and Fall Winter, we have a wide catalogue. Take a look on the clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. We offer the best for your fashion with high quality.

    Boots, Ankle Boots, Amphibian with tank sole, sandals with wedge or high heel or low, sneakers and many more. Choose the best shoe for you, that fits for you. Every needs you have, Geox shoes have the best solution for you, every models are designed to assure the best quality for your taste in every occasion.

    Geox is not just a technology shoe. Offer many accessories creating with care. Your comfort and look it is our care to offer the best with this italian company that produce over twenty years, clothes and accessories that respect the nature. Match your footwear to a clothes Geox. You can feel all the comfort and style of shoes always on top.

    Men and Women Young Shoes the store online Geox

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