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    Twin-Set Simona Barbieri, style and glamour by walkways to your wardrobe

    Twin-set is a refinement, taste and quality entirely Made in Italy. Clothes, bags, shoes and much more was selected exclusively for the te by Young Shoes, your online shop of reference that continuously offers you the latest fashion trends. Twin-set is the brand of casual elegance, beauty undisputed, affordable luxury. Born at the beginning of the nineties, was soon expanded the production with clothing, lingerie, accessories and beachwear, conquering the world of fashion shows and prêt-à-porter.

    Simona Barbieri, Creative Director of the company, and Titian Sgarbi, CEO, are husband and wife united by love for the glamour that is the philosophy and the road Judah of the company. From coats to the intimate everything is made with care and attention to detail, to ensure always quality tailoring and unique style. Discover all the proposals for spring-summer and autumn-winter of our catalog: Allow yourself to be seduced by the charm of the brand and make perfect your outfit.

    The new collection Twin-set on Young Shoes, Your online store, the new collection Twin-set has already arrived. Clothes, jeans, jackets and shirts, many novelties for the new season, from soft and fresh spring duvets to eccentric and elegant furs. So many heads of tendency to be trendy always, in every occasion. Pullover and cardigan, skirts and trousers, shirts and jackets, all signed Twin-set, the trademark style and refinement. Choose from our catalog the more interesting suggestions, create your own look romantic, researched and easy chic.

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    Many beautiful shoes Twin-set many accessories and many shoes Twin-set to be fashion anywhere, in any situation. Beautiful sneakers, comfortable but class, but also stiletto heels, seductive and captivating. Young Shoes selects for you only the best. Boots, booties, Tronchetti, everything, really everything to create sensational outfit, refined, class and always trendy. And then sandals, with the wedge or low heels, casual and scanzonati, how practices dancers, scanzonate conturbanti or because the charm, you know, also passes from the feet. Watch all our catalog and find many solutions designed just for you, to constantly guarantee style and quality, an indissoluble connection that Twin-set interprets with mastery and taste. Young Shoes The best deals for you young Shoes gives you always the best at the best price.

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    Watch our outlet and discover all our balances, await you many, many occasions captive, in shops you will not be able to find. Young Shoes is in fact authorized reseller Twin-set, official site of fashion trend, to offer only the best in small prices. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping, joined to a lot of benefits such as free shipping and fast that in Sun 24/48 hours allows you to receive your purchase.

    And if something you do not like more, the return is very simple. See all our conditions, simple and clear, to give you all the tranquillity that desires. Start your online shopping on Young Shoes, do not miss our promotions unique and inimitable. All the style and quality, selected for you, with passion. Why Fashion is a beautiful pleasure. Compose your outfit on TWIN-SET: RESEARCH AND INNOVATION FOR A FASHION IN STEP WITH THE TIMES The prestigious brand fashion Twin-Set Simona Barbieri moves the first steps on the Italian market in the early nineties and suffered from the creativity and style have marked and appreciated not only in Italy but also abroad. Its lines are becoming ever more rich and complete and even if started from the knitting produced entirely in Carpi Headquarters, has expanded its product range to include a complete clothing characterized by careful search to constant technological innovations but always enhanced by precious handicraft.

    The pair of words chosen by the Founders Twin Set expresses confidence immediate, harmony, positivity.

    The same Simona Barbieri has declared that he had founded the twin set with the intent to create the twins in referring to this item of clothing of great class that has always been an icon of the refined style and chic. Born then from a boss who joins cardigan and vest for an elegance that seduces and charms without equal, the brand of Simona Barbieri was dedicated initially to knitwear to pass then to the heads of the package, accessories and shoes, even to a line of underwear and beachwear, line jeans and line Girl and offers to the customers a total feminine look of contemporary elegance without time. Versatility AND STYLE OF A BRAND THAT attracts and seduces AT FIRST GLANCE The sophistication and excellence of quality are the two fundamental characteristics of twin sets: the brand of Simona Barbieri transmits these two ideals with a particular creativity and versatility in the creations and thus communicates his great passion for fashion and the tailoring of luxury. The collections Twin sets are always full of precious details and declined in tones and unique fantasies, harmonious and perfect and witnesses of absolute quality of Made in Italy. On Young Shoes is available a wide range of articles Twin-Set to dress with taste and elegance also in everyday life.


    Trends every business choice of this brand is always inspired by the harmony and commitment of a team that works to make every leader not only nice to wear but that face special feel the wearer. The models are the fruit of great creativity and craftsmanship, accompanied by the fashion trend that contribute to give to each collection the spirit to succeed. Each finished product is always cared in every detail and isin able to exalt the personal style giving to the silhouette that touch of elegance and grace that distinguishes it. On our site Young Shoes find collections Twin Set to dress always fashionable even at a great price and with a spectacular claws that oozes charm and passion for fashion. Passion AND STYLE AND IN A WINNING PRODUCT

    The passion and the style of twin sets are two elements that have given great success to the brand of Simona Barbieri that he knew how to give to the customer a product that does not stifles the personality of the person who wears it but exalts instead the character. With Twin Set every woman is unique and our site Young Shoes find the best of this brand to enhance your personality!