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    Luciano Barachini Shoes Woman Online

    Brand excellent production, perceiving suffered from the high quality of its inimitable style creative with a touch of savoir faire that gives life to the best Italian tradition, was founded in 1973, a trademark that is capable of grasping and reinterpret trends and stimuli coming into the world of fashion,  win the national and international market by producing wonderful woman shoes.

    Luciano Barachini on Young Shoes Salerno, a world of quality that can be purchased with a simple click!

    The style can define certainly Lordly footwear, refined the polite, in fact the shoes of this brand are made exclusively with excellent materials as the supple leather machined accurately taking account of every small detail. A design that moves in seductive lines, attractive and modern making every creation absolutely feminine and elegant.

    Luciano Barachini footwear knows how to charm the taste of women in precious rhinestones, strategic buckles, imaginative zip, as well as the mating faces of unique colors that make the shoe a single piece. Brand that guarantees surely comfort making the feet pampered and protected.

    Ideal footwear to give a touch of style and creativity on any clothing, creating wonderful outfit

    The well-known Italian designer also proposes for this season footwear from the contemporary design, embellished with stones and crystals, but also by means of studs and zip. Shoes for every woman, to give that extra touch of femininity and glamour also to a look less sophisticated.

    Our collection waiting for you! like a Marina Yachting Shoes will be amazing, thanks to our new collection Fall Winter you can discover the quality and comfort of our products!

    On our you will find a wide range of models for sale online shoes, you only need to choose your or your models between the sandals jewel, sandals with towering wedge in Cork, in short, the entire collection is not to be missed and fabulous. A feminine look and elegant, for both leisure and in the evening, is obtained by combining the logs with the heel a pair of jeans medium fit, or better still skinny, adhering on the leg with a sweater a little abundant and oversized. The maxi bag is of course a must that can not miss this type of outfit.