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    Rouge Italia Ballerina Shoes Woman Online

    New Collection of shoes for woman Rouge Italy Shoes Spring Summer All Made in Italy

    Reflects a full license fees for using genuine leather of quality, all of our products are handmade in Italy following creativity and italian style. The Ballerina Shoes Rouge are all trendy and fashionable and reflect the full current trends by meeting the tastes of young women, teenager, career women.

    You know, the feminine shoe must be always beautiful and cared in every detail, but one of the main prerogatives and indispensable of the shoe is certainly the convenience. Have a shoe sensual and trend, it is not enough. If the shoe does not have a good fit, a good grip on the ground, a good stability and conformity to the foot, the aesthetics of the ballerina shoes becomes almost nothing since, after having purchased them and wearing the first time and tested the inconvenience, the riporremo in a shoe-rack and did not want more wearing them in any occasion! The Ballerina Shoes Rouge are a perfect marriage between aesthetics, trend and practicality. The line of dancers in the skin it is certainly a clear example.

    The ballerina shoes, very much in vogue in the 1950s, when they were launched by the beautiful and very elegant Audrey Hepburn that wore in the film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" since then the dancers were always index of class and elegance. Today the dancers remain shoes that give finesse, bon ton and comfort to the wearer, and this has understood well Rouge that has created a whole line of dancers made with the best skin and leather sole antislide.

    Perfect to match in every hour of the day and evening and with any outfit, the dancers of the skin can be used with sportive clothes, a jeans adherent, a leggings or with any type of skirt

    The colors range from canary yellow, green, red, color gold and silver, and yet many vivid colors such as blue, pink, orange, etc to be able to be combined with any color you are going to wear! The dancers are ideal for every occasion. You have to go shopping with her friends and you already know that you will spend hours standing to walk? Casual clothing and thrown in the street for a marathon under the banner of shopping! If you want to spend a sunday in the Park for a picnic, a cycling race in the spring, a visit to a museum or even a casual drink with friends...

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    The ballerina shoes Rouge with their characteristics and their quality/price ratio will be ideal to always carry with you! Order online with a simple click and in 24/48 hours your shoes are in your home.