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    "Mother always said that from the shoes of a person will understand many things, where go, what does, where it has been." This famous sentence of the famous film Forrest Gump ago really understand many things about the universe of the shoes. Women in particular have a ratio of pure love for shoes! The shoe is one of the largest fetishes of our time, stylists in recent decades tend to destrutturare clothing making it more basic and minimal, behold as immediately explains the triumph of accessories and especially of the shoes that with the passing of the years become increasingly a real obsession for women. Remained the bags and especially the shoes to give the sexy touch to every look.

    He understood the concept Lucia Viguera, footwear company Spanish leader in the field of the production of shoes for woman of trend.

    Wonderful sandals with towering wedges to tackle an endless day in the best of ways,with a stable shoe to the foot in order to be able to be a woman spirited! When the day does not bode well, the heat is overwhelming, choose the sandals with heel and wedge high brand Viguera! The models range from the most basic to the most trendy and details: Colored, fresh and youthful sandals with ankle strap, made of materials such as braided queue wisely to mo' of embroidery which creates an effect in addition to beautiful and perforated, also elastic so as to breathe the foot wrapping without stress. The details of the shoe are finished leather.

    This particular weave recurs frequently in the shoes of the brand Viguera realizing it in many shades of colors different: fuchsia access to green pea, the mustard color ideal for the summer and for the Sparkling Days and fun, the colors more classic used for footwear such as black and blue. Also the shapes are the most disparate: sandals with a wide band at the foot or with multiple thin bands, closed on the front template sabot or tied to the ankle, and still models with superimposed bands, clipped sandals, brilliant espadrillas to wear with trousers shorts or even with jeans pinocchietto or short.

    The espadrillas shoes from 1960s are back in fashion in the last decade, produces espadrillas shoes with special texture, made of rope, ideal to be comfortable even during the long walks.

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