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    Blooker jackets and coats online

    Brand prestigious and of unmistakable style, Blooker was founded in 1935 by John Blooker

    A young person born in a small town in Ireland called Bray, near Dublin. Just 15 years John begins to work in the workshop of a professional tailor and at this shop John sews the first canvas denim imported from the United States where he began to spread from a little bit of time the trousers invented by Levi's strauss that spopolerà soon in the world. A trademark of class that has its roots in the past but with a clear vision of the future John Blooker emigrates in the United States mel 1960, with a dream within, to open in the new country a small factory of denim. Initially working in South Hampton, in New Hampshire, in different factories where she learns the manufacture of the place and especially of products such as denim, t-shirts and trousers chinos.

    Slowly his tastes evolve and also begins to be impassioned to polo shirts man with the collar

    After 15 years, exactly in 1975 John moved to New York and here finally opened its factory of denim, t-shirts and polo shirts. The following year opens its first store and immediately notices that its products have a positive feedback on the public, and in little time conquer even the characters more in view of the jet set American.

    Soon John Blooker is defined as the only American able to compete with the French for the pole

    As the logo of its clothing line John has always been fond of Africa, chooses a head of Pantera: this symbol will distinguish the brand among others making it unmistakable soon. Begins the ascent to the brand and Blooker begins to always open new stores in the United States.

    John Blooker also in Italy to compete with the griffes communities the mark arrives in Italy in 2004, thanks to a partnership with an Italian company and arises between European companies with grit and audacity. The style of the brand Blooker conquest because young and dynamic, perfect for a male target that garment with heads spirited and from look decided. The Blooker collections are a mix between taste American sports and the Italian style, and suggested by t-shirt to jackets, from jeans to coats, always keeping an eye out for that excellent quality-price ratio that distinguishes the company and the ability to customize the heads according to your tastes. Each head of the brand is versatile and is recognized for its particular taste, beyond that of course for the logo of the panther.

    The collection also includes the heads of luxury, sports and very beautiful to wear to create sporting look of high class

    Among these, in addition to the coats and jackets also available online, there are also included garments produced in precious fabrics such as cashmere, the precious Egyptian cottons and the japanese jeans. With Blooker is easy to express a lifestyle, a particular way of being, to communicate. Dress Blooker is therefore an expression of personality and style for the man who wants to stand out everywhere with exclusive pieces.

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